Meet the Supe!

A Letter to the Community

Dear Memphis-Shelby County Schools Family,

I am honored to serve this dynamic community with a deep commitment to strengthening the heart of the city and county–our public school system. The Board of Education has entrusted me with the responsibility to create vibrant experiences and spaces for students and staff to lead, learn, and achieve consistently at high levels and close persistent achievement gaps that discourage the hopes and dreams of too many of our children. What happens next for a generation of young leaders hinges on the decisions we make and the actions we take now.

My first 100 days will build on current success, establish solid relationships, and deepen my knowledge about the District through extensive analysis and a Voice Improves Partnership (VIP) community tour. My goals for the initial phase are as follows:

Phase One:

Immerse myself in the community, engaging with local leaders, educators, administrators, students, and parents through roundtable discussions and site visits.

Phase Two:

Publish a transition report with recommendations regarding my three strategic priorities: building strong relationships, delivering an unrivaled education, and modernizing school facilities.

Phase Three:

Present to the Board a comprehensive three- to five-year strategic plan outlining the District's future direction.

Public education is at a pivotal point, and it will take all of us to move the District to a new dimension of excellence. With honest conversations during these first 100 days and beyond, we will develop a bold vision to deliver on the promise of providing a global education to every child.

I look forward to connecting with you soon and often as we form powerful partnerships that prepare more than 100,000 future alumni to launch small businesses, knock down the doors of trade schools and universities, add value to corporations, join the military, and take on the world Memphis Proud.

I know we can do it, as nothing is impossible when a unified team moves boldly, intentionally, and consistently to accomplish shared goals. Will you join me?

In Partnership,

Supe Feagins

Marie Feagins, Ed.D.
[email protected]

Share Your Hopes and Dreams for the Future of MSCS

I am excited and grateful to have the opportunity to lead the next chapter of excellence for Memphis-Shelby County Schools. As we establish our priorities, I want to hear from you. No idea is too big or too small. Dreams are meant to be attained. Take a moment to share your thoughts today.


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