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Why Bellevue?

Please review the short video and see why Bellevue is THE middle school in Shelby County!  No other school in Tennesee offers the electives & activities that BMS offers!




Thanks to everyone that came out for the 8th Annual Margie Dowell 5K Race for Unity in Our Community!  We set the record for participants!

Date/Time: 4/29/2017  -  8:30 AM
Type: Running/Walking
City: Memphis, TN
Director: Angela Patterson
Phone: 901.416.4488
Distance: 5K
Details: Margie Dowell 5K The 6th annual 5K Walk/Run funds a scholarship which honors a student who demonstrates outstanding leadership and community involvement through participation in nonprofit organizations.

The Margie Dowell Service and Leadership Award was created in honor of Mrs. Margie Dowell, a former Bellevue teacher, who passed away December 23, 2007. Mrs. Dowell was the essence of a community service activist because of her unmatched generosity and never-ending compassion. She was Bellevue’s school trip coordinator, Kids Kan organizer, coronation coordinator, Student Council sponsor, after-school enrichment tutor, community service leader, and the list goes on.

Proceeds will provide college scholarships for students who demonstrate outstanding leadership and community involvement through participation in nonprofit organizations within the community. All current or former Bellevue students can qualify for this college scholarship award.

Race Day Registration 7:45am
Race Time 9:00am
Race starts and ends at Bellevue Middle School (575 S. Bellevue Blvd)

Registration Fees:
$20/$15 for Current Bellevue Students
There will be no refunds.


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Bellevue Middle School

2017-2018 Dress Code


IZOD® Piqué Polo - Boys 8-20 and Husky


  • Shirts and blouses must be white with sleeves and collars and must completely cover the abdomen, back, and shoulders.
  • Uniform white shirts may have logos of 2 inches or less.
  • Only the orange and blue polo shirts purchased from Bellevue will be acceptable alternatives to the white uniform shirts/blouses.
  • All undershirts/camisoles must be solid white with no writing, pictures, or symbols.
  • Tops must cover the waistband of pants, shorts, skirts with no midriff visible.  Low-cut blouses or tops or extremely tight tops or any top that exposes cleavage are prohibited.

Prohibited Items

Body-hugging outer material such as spandex

Denim or denim-like material

Tank tops, tube tops, or any tops without sleeves and collars

Sleepwear, pajamas and/or blankets, loungewear, sweats

Any item that suggests identification with drugs or gangs

Sheer or see-through tops


Arizona Flat-Front Chino Pants - Boys 8-20, Slim and Husky


Pants/ Skirts/ Shorts

  • Bottoms must be tan/khaki, navy, or black.
  • They must be made of cotton, cotton blend, polyester, or twill.
  • Belts must be worn with pants or shorts that have belt loops.
  • Pants/shorts must be worn at the waist, be appropriately sized, and of a safe length.
  • Bottoms must come to or below the knees.
  • Leggings cannot be worn as pants, and if worn, must be worn under appropriate length skirts or pants.

Prohibited Items

Body-hugging outer material such as spandex

Sheer, see-through skirts

Any torn, holey, shredded materials

Denim or denim-like material

Leggings, jeggings, sweatpants, velvet/velour pants, exercise pants, pajamas, sleepwear, or blankets

Any item that suggests identification with drugs or gangs

Dining / Hospitality / Retail > Security Notice > Sign

Head Gear

  • Barrettes, headbands, and small hair accessories are permitted.

Prohibited Items

Hats, bandannas, scarves, sweatbands, visors, large hair bows, and sunglasses

Jackets/ Sweaters

  • Light jackets or sweaters must be white, navy, tan/khaki, or black.
  • The light jackets or sweaters must be solid color and have snaps, buttons, or zippers that open completely.

Prohibited Items

Hoodies, pullovers, coats

 Jackets or sweaters of more than one color


  • All shoes must have heel straps.

Prohibited Items

 No flip-flops or slide-in shoes allowed.

          No high heels (2 inches or higher) allowed.





Common Mission:

This mission of Bellevue MIddle School is to provide students with rigorous academic instruction that will facilitate acquisition of the knowledge and skills necessary to master or become proficient in grade level curriculum and state-mandated standards to prepare all students for secondary and post secondary education so they are career ready and motivated.

Shared Vision:

Our vision is for Bellevue Middle School to continue to operate as a high-performing educational institution that consistently meets the academic needs of all students so they are ultimately able to think critically, read proficiently, write competently, reason clearly, communicate effectively and behave appropriately in a global community.








Shelby County Schools does not discriminate in its programs or employment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, handicap/disability, sex, or age.  For more information, please contact the Office of Equity Compliance at (901) 416-6670.
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