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About Us

The Office of S.E.E.D. strives to empower principals, support parents and enrich students everyday, while ensuring that federal funding continues as a result of OCR compliance. Our office cultivates positive climates to ensure that school environments are conducive for instruction.


The mission of S.E.E.D. (formerly the Office of Attendance & Discipline) is to ensure district-wide compliance with the Office of Civil Rights (OCR). This task is ultimately accomplished by: providing guidance to all administrative staff during unusually complex or volatile situations; communicating and clarifying state, local and federal educational laws to all stakeholders; regulating standardized processes for discipline, enrollment, transfers, homebound education, 504 compliance, mandated trainings and by ensuring the accuracy of state reported discipline and attendance data. Per SCS Board Policy 6022, The office responsible for attendance and discipline ensures that the Student Code of Conduct is implemented.

School administrators, parents, or students, should call S.E.E.D. at 416-6007 to be routed directly to the appropriate Official who supervises their particular area of concern. Due to the varied nature and numerous complexities involved in student equity, enrollment and discipline matters, it is only reasonable to expect and encourage stakeholders to contact S.E.E.D. Officials and Advisors directly for consultation. These consolations ensure that we provide top-notch customer service and policy based guidance directly to our clients.