Optional Schools

William Brewster Elem. SCHOOl


Focus: Enriched Academics,

Address: 2605 Sam Cooper Blvd.
Memphis, TN 38112

Phone: 901-416-7150
Principal: Dr. Angela Askew
Grades Served: 1-5
Download: School Flyer (pdf)

Dr. William Herbert Brewster Elementary School is committed to transforming the lives of its students through rigorous coursework that is geared toward complete academic growth and development.

Today's global society requires students to think critically, communicate effectively, analyze complex problems, and demonstrate teamwork skills. Dr. William Herbert Brewster Elementary School begins the process of developing these skills in students by exposing them to a highly diverse educational culture and offering enriched learning opportunities in the subjects that will foster the ability to think critically and creatively: Mathematics, Arts, Science, and Technology, underscored by strong literacy instruction.

The staff at Dr. William Herbert Brewster Elementary School is committed to helping students become independent thinkers who will value themselves, others, their school community, and the world in which we all live. Our staff includes talented teachers who incorporate their professional experiences into daily instruction: artists who integrate arts instruction into their daily programs; scientists who use experimental projects and scientific technology to engage students; and writers who use high-level writing techniques to teach students to write their own stories and to personalize illustrations. Students are offered numerous opportunities to foster their academic interests and expand their social skills, such as Book Club, Science Club, Creative Writing Exploratory, Drama Club, String Orchestra, Boys Basketball, Soccer, and Cheerleading.

Located adjacent to the Midtown and Overton Park communities, Dr. William Herbert Brewster Elementary School will continue to serve as the cornerstone of a community that is moving forward. Students benefit from the outstanding support of Brewster’s community partners in education: Memphis College of Art, Memphis Brooks Museum, Christ United Methodist Church, Eikon Ministries, Power & Tel, Derrick Hodges’ State Farm Insurance, Marx-Bensdorf Realtors, Binghampton Development Corporation, Idlewild Presbyterian Church,and Mid-South Food Bank.

Everyone that is part of the school family maintains a dedicated and deep-rooted belief that school and community can and will work together to achieve success at every level. Throughout their experience, students will learn to view success as a product of their own self-empowerment.


Optional School Requirements

• Students applying for grades one and two will be required to take the Optional admittance tests at the school. No other tests will be accepted for admittance into grades one and two. Students tested for first-and-second grades must score at or above the 60th percentile in total reading and total math on the admittance tests.

• Applicants for grade one must have satisfactory skills and behaviors and achieve mastery in all academic and support subjects on their most recent report card.

• Applicants for grades three through five must score at or above the 60th percentile on the Reading/Language Arts AND Mathematics subtests on the most recent TCAP or nationally normed achievement test.

• Applicants for grades two through five must have a B average or above for semester or final grade in all academic subjects and satisfactory grades in special subjects, conduct, and attendance (including promptness to school).

• Applicants must have satisfactory conduct and attendance (including promptness to school) as shown on a copy of the latest report card. A total of more than 15 absences, tardies, and/or early dismissals is considered unsatisfactory.

• Parents must sign the Parent Agreement annually.

To remain in the Optional Program, students must maintain a B average in all academic areas, as well as the entrance requirements of satisfactory conduct, skills and behaviors, and attendance.

Final approval is contingent upon the review of the student’s final comprehensive report card.