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Shelby County Schools
c/o The Board Office
160 S. Hollywood Street
Memphis, TN 38112

The Board Office
Phone: (901) 416-5447
Fax: (901) 416-9787

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Shelby County Board of Education

The Shelby County Board of Education governs the business operations of Shelby County Schools and is comprised of nine (9) elected Board members representing all districts in Shelby County. Through its governance, the Shelby County Board of Education is committed to its mission of preparing all students for success in learning, leadership, and life.

All regular Business Meetings of the Shelby County Board of Education are held at the Francis E. Coe Administration Building, 160 S. Hollywood Street, at 5:30 p.m. on the final Tuesday of each month. Members of the public are invited to speak to the Board at this meeting. The Board holds Work Sessions on Tuesdays one week prior to all regular business meetings.

All Shelby County Board of Education Work Sessions and Business Meetings are open to the public. All meetings are also streamed live online and broadcast live on Cable 19 and 88.5 FM.

Contacting the Board
Board Members are elected officials and are not in fact employees of the school system. They do not have individual offices at the school district’s Central Office. However, information received at Central Office is sent to the School Board members weekly. Correspondence may be mailed to: