Media Relations & School Incident Response

Media Relations

News media outlets are valuable partners in our efforts to inform parents and the public. Our team works directly with local and national media outlets to provide accurate information about important decisions, programs and initiatives and spotlight the accomplishments of our students, schools and staff.

Let us know! We want to know about your interesting and positive news to share with the media and/or highlight in the MSCS Newsroom! We also understand the media has a responsibility to report on all news, positive or negative. In sensitive situations, we work directly with schools and departments to gather facts and determine a strategy that ensures fair and accurate coverage.

Please remember to forward all media inquiries to the Communications Department for approval by sending to [email protected]. We will always contact appropriate staff in advance whenever we coordinate media coverage at a school or department. However, if a media outlet is present on a campus or attempting to contact a staff member directly without prior notice from Communications, it has not been approved.


Tips for sharing story ideas and working with the media:

  • Check out the MSCS Newsroom page for tips on what makes a great story.
  • Advance notice always helps. Submit ideas at least one week before an event.
  • Make sure your story is approved by a principal or supervisor.
  • If media is on campus for approved coverage, make sure any students present have media consent on file. Parents provide consent as part of registration.
  • Don’t be discouraged if a story isn’t covered in person by media. Post a pic or video to your school’s social media pages, and tag us. We have thousands of followers, including the media!
  • To share a story idea, send an email to [email protected] with important details and contact name, phone number and email address to follow up with you.

School Incident Response

If a situation occurs that may cause concern for families or lead to negative media coverage, we are able to assist schools with parent messages, including phone or email scripts for Blackboard Messenger and/or letters to send home with students.


Tips for school incident response:

  • Ensure proper reporting protocol is followed (School Operations, Security, ILD, etc.)
  • Provide timely notice to Communication, including incident details, response and any communication that has already taken place, so that we can help determine how to inform families appropriately.
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