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The Communications Department is responsible for all development, design and troubleshooting of the District’s website. We work with departments to ensure accurate information is available online for parents, students, employees and public stakeholders.

Please note, external websites are not permitted for MSCS department websites. All department websites should be built in the standard MSCS website template for branding consistency.

The Communications Department also supports schools with the Blackboard school website platform. School webmasters can access recorded training sessions here and access various step sheets and website management tips here.

Tips for creating a successful website:

  • Have a goal in mind. Is your site to inform, serve only as an archive for compliance or allow some kind of action by the user, such as submitting an application or making an online request?
  • Content should be clear and concise. Create content with the audience in mind, and display your text most reader- and user-friendly format for the user.
  • Content should always be current, including all links and contact info. Only include external links if they are required or you can verify their information is accurate.
  • Only use high-resolution photos/images that are copyright-approved. Custom graphics must be approved by the Communications Department to ensure they meet the District’s branding and style guidelines.
  • Any documents that will be posted online for download should be in PDF format to ensure user access.
  • All text content that is being submitted for a website should be provided in a Word document. Be sure to proofread all content before submitting.

To request website support, contact Jason Martin, [email protected]

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